Album cover Bikinis N Thongs - Kool Keith, Denis Deft & Yeti Beats
Bikinis N ThongsKool Keith, Denis Deft & Yeti Beats5/10

Kool Keith, Denis Deft & Yeti Beats - Bikinis N Thongs

27 Nov 2009 row1

As the year comes to an end so does Keith's chances of putting out a record every month, this reviewer will happily settle for the five put out so far this year (still two months left!). Unfortunately when you are putting out so much material they can't all be solid gold hits, but hey at least none of them are complete stinkers.

Bikini N Thongs is produced by Yeti Beats with the rapping handled by Kool Keith and Denis Deft, there are some guest rappers but more on that later. Surprisingly for a collaboration of only 12 tracks Keith and Denis have some "individual tracks", while there is nothing wrong with this it would have been better to have Keith appear on Denis's tracks (and vice-versa) instead of the other featured artist.

As the title implies the album features a lot of talk of models in bikinis and thongs. A song worth singling out is "Photo Session"; I don't quite know what to make of this one, Yeti puts down a solid beat and the hook is catchy, but the lyrics are ridiculous (more so than usual) and delivered in such a nonchalant, arrogant and hilarious way.

See my Nikkon everywhere,
Trying on different things, I don't care!
I'm high off the photo shoot air.
Photo Session

Is he having a go at those self-involved "photo-man" types? Were the rumors true about Keith spending his Dr. Octagon advance on AV gear true and he actually enjoys professional photography? Or is is just a song? Do...not...know, but the song is great and really that is all that counts.

The album takes a few serious missteps, firstly when it mixes two of my most hated musical styles: "The Cher" (auto-tune/vocoder) as heard on "Executive Suites" and most criminally on "Touch UR Self", and reggae on "Nasty Girl" and "Real Super Stars". Guest rappers always seem to plague Kool Keith albums and this is no different, with them being detrimental to Kool Keith and Denis Deft's performances, the group KDY already consists of three members there is no need for so many guests.

I like a lot of Yeti Beat's work, but Bikini N Thongs has more than it's fair share of production that either sounds like leftovers or dated ("Don't Worry About Me" musically and vocally sounds like something from All Eyez on Me). In general the album sounds like there were time and budget restraints which prevented it from being all that it could have been.

I apologize if this review comes off sounding overly negative (I always expect a lot from Kool Keith releases), it is in fact not a terrible album. It has some glimmers of greatness which I hope can be brought out with more timing/editing in the next release from KDY.

Sardless Tracks

  • Photo Session

Track Listing

  1. Casting feat. Aynzli Jone
  2. Photo Session
  3. Executive Suites
  4. Give It 2U Girl
  5. Nasty Girl feat. Mr. Maaly
  6. Not The Same
  7. Real Super Stars<br/>feat. Survivor Slim &amp; Semjase Santana
  8. Make U Wet
  9. Dont Worry About Me<br/>feat. Fedie Demarco
  10. Fast Lane
  11. Take You There
  12. Touch UR Self