Album cover Project Polaroid - Kool Keith and TOMC3
Project PolaroidKool Keith and TOMC39/10

Kool Keith and TOMC3 - Project Polaroid

16 Apr 2006 row1

TOMC3 teams up with Kool Keith for this retro futuristic action epic.

When details of this album first emerged I had never heard or TOMC3 or his first album Dopestyle 1231; so I didn't know what to expect. But after listening to the Digital Engineering single my expectations for the full album were very high.

I like to call this a 'retro futuristic action' album as from the albums artwork and half of the music it makes the album seem like its set in a 60's action/detective movie, the type with car chases, double crossing and women in full body bathing suites.
Yet the other half of the music and the lyrics give it the feel of Sci-Fi movies with ray guns, flying saucers and female alien sirens.

The production is not topical of a hip-hop album. The production is very fresh and I have not heard anything like it, I couldn't name one other hip-hop album with guitar, violin, piano and flute samples, especially one which works as good as this.

Keith is also on full throttle with his lyrics and delivery. The lyrics are similar to Dr. Octagon as seen on 'Digital Engineering'

Titanium Chloroxide splashed on my chest,
Enabled meter geometry west,
Nuclear Power,
I'm taking a nuclear shower,
For a nuclear hour,
Fools i devour
Digital Engineering

The track I was looking forward to the most was 'Clubber Lang', which in-case you didn't know Clubber Lang is the name of Mr. T's character in Rocky III.
Mr. T released a rap album in the 1980's titled 'Mr. T's Commandments' so I was hoping for a cameo rap.
Unfortunately a few months before the release TOMC3 informed me that they tried to get Mr. T on the track but he was asking for more $$$ than MF Doom.
Even without Mr. T the track still holds it's own with the help of motion man.

The album is one of Kool Keith's most consistent releases, I haven't found a track which I would be inclined to skip.
The only track which I wasn't too keen on is 'Mechanical Mechanix' where Prince Po tries to do the Sci-Fi rapping, but it doesn't sound right and he reminds me of Sir Menelik on Dr. Octagon.
Luckily when Keith comes onto the track he starts off with one of his most well known lines

I keep in shape,
and do my physical fitness
Mechanical Mechanix

The album finishes off on a high note with some samples from the creepy thriller 'One Hour Photo' which perfectly finishes the album off.

Project Polaroid goes on my list of top albums for 2006.
Even if you weren't previously a fan of Kool Keith, TOMC3's production might just change your mind.

Sardless Tracks

  • Im Libra
  • Diamond District
  • Midwestern Shoe Calhoun

Track Listing

  1. Project Polaroid (intro)
  2. Space 8000
  3. Talk to the Romans
  4. Mechanical Mechanix<br/>feat. Prince Po
  5. Im Libra
  6. Diamond District
  7. Rhyme That Quit
  8. Clubber Lang<br/>feat. Motion Man
  9. Uphill.....Strange
  10. Digital Engineering
  11. The Overviewer
  12. Feel Me<br/>feat. Roughneck Jihad
  13. Midwestern Shoe Calhoun
  14. Photo Shop (outro)