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The Lost MastersKool Keith6/10

Kool Keith - The Lost Masters

27 Apr 2006 row1

A collection of 'lost' Kool Keith songs. Great for a fan, not recommended for new comers.

The title 'The Lost Masters' implies that these are a collection of songs that were never released, forgotten about and have just been rediscovered. Listening to it makes me think otherwise, the songs all sound from about the same era, to me the only track which seems slightly different is 'Trying to Talk to You' which sounds like something off 'Black Elvis'.
But Keith has this to say:

This project contains lots of lost songs, "exclusive" songs that I'd play for myself. I was planning to keep it confined, but I like making records, even if I don't have a release date. These tracks were recorded and so far ahead of their time and recorded at separate times in various mind frames, they were marinated. And now they're ready.

So I'll go with Keith on this.

As usual there's a lot of talk about defecation and pissing on people along with a few sex songs.
Tess Shit:

Motherfucker I'm Kool Keith,
Motherfucker I'm cursin
You know I'm the type of guy to piss
and throw shit in your face if you're the right person
I don't give a fuck if your name is Tony Gerson
Tess Shit

The song "Girls Want You" is pretty much the whole Sex Style album compressed into 4 minutes.

A lot of this album is skipable and definitely B-grade stuff lyrically and production wise, but there is some good stuff in there if you give it a chance.
For fans its worth checking out, but I couldn't recommend it to anyone else.

Sardless Tracks

  • Tess Shit
  • Robert Perry
  • Telephone Girlfriend

Track Listing

  1. Tess Shit
  2. Baby Baby
  3. You Cant Go Outside
  4. Robert Perry
  5. Freaks
  6. Girls Want You
  7. New York City
  8. Shit Expands
  9. Cleavage
  10. Girl You Know